How to Spot “We Buy Houses” Bullies

How to Spot “We Buy Houses” Bullies

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This is the second of three blogs illustrating the pros, cons and helpful tips for getting the most out of investors who pay for homes quickly and we’ll help expose the bullies in the “We Buy Houses” industry.

In the first part of this blog series, we discussed the benefits of having a reputable investor or agency buy a property quickly.

Unfortunately, everything isn’t peaches and cream for sellers. There are some less-than-positive aspects to selling homes quickly with cash. One of which are people who prey on desperate sellers. We’re going to help you spot these types so you can avoid being bullied and rushed into making hasty decisions—especially when hesitations manifest in your ‘gut instinct.’

Do your homework by researching the company or investor with whom you’re interested in working. Most times, a simple Google or Yelp search will tell you all you need to know about their reputation and if they satisfied sellers in the past. A little due diligence goes a long, long way.

When searching, please remember that negative reviews aren’t always bad. The old adage says, “You can’t please everybody,” still rings true. However, be wary of legit gripes that paint a picture of shady dealings with pushy investors and/or bully businesses. These complaints will often describe ridiculously low offers or the motivated seller’s home “isn’t worth purchasing…but, for $20,000, we may be able to work something out.”

During your search of “We Buy Houses” companies and investors, weigh the positive and negative reviews. Do those reviews tell a similar story? Look on their website and see if it’s professional and easy to navigate. What about their social media presence? Social media is like meeting people in that first impressions always matter. Are the posts helpful and motivating? If not, ask yourself, “Why not?”

The best way to spot a bully is when that person or company maintains no Internet presence. They try to disassociate themselves from their shady business practices after the negative reviews start pouring in. It’s too easy to create a new domain name and social media platforms for each new round of clients. Reputable agencies and investors want you to know about their reputation. Their brand is built on reputation.

Please, share your story if you’ve dealt with a bully in the past. While they may be able to recreate their brand quite often, they can’t change their legal name as easily. Knowledge is power and you can share that power with other subscribers by sharing your story. Don’t let the bully have the last laugh.

The last blog is the series will will be the most informative. We’ll discuss the math behind “We Buy Houses” so that you can be on level playing field with the investors and agencies interested in your property.

For more information on the pros, cons and helpful tips to get the most out of investors who pay for homes quickly, email or call 609-701-1000.

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