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What a pleasure and honor it is to submit a review and detail the services and strategies “First Team Realty Exchange” has provided for my company; in addition to the assistance and guidance when the time came of selling/purchasing my personal home too.
Anyone in need of real estate services look no further than “First Team Realty Exchange”. We as a consumer are always exposed to the customer services ranging from simple drive-thru purchases to the high-end transactions and those experiences create a baseline that we judge our everyday transactions.
My transaction with FTRE has been incredibly positive and to detail, everything would take more than a couple of pages. I will highlight that this company is committed to sticking with you through thick and thin ranging from understanding real estate lingo, true market analysis, documentation with source, incredible follow-up, excellent patience for guidance; but overall, a very hard working professional.
Mr. Huckfeldt is literally not afraid to get his hands dirty, one of many examples during a home post-inspection he patiently went through all the discrepancies that needed to be corrected and on a couple of occasions required getting on his hands and knees to further visually inspect part of the home, keep in mind, the home was dirty and dusty and to see a professional dressed for business not caring if he gets dirty to ensure he had an accurate analysis so to proceed with the next correct step was, in essence, an exceptional client experience.
Mr. Huckfeldt, is also an incredible communicator with other professionals related to the real estate transaction, examples: Attorney, city official(s)(relating to permits/inspections/codes), bank, contractors and other real estate agents. For me, that was so valuable, due to my busy work/personal schedule, having someone representing you and keeping you aware and communicating on your behalf to lessen my stress was exceptional.
Mr. Huckfeldt has truly resurrected my faith that there are still true, straight forward, honest, and good-hearted professionals that exercise their duties on the client’s best interest and because of this I continue to reach out to FTRE and refer his company to others.
To conclude, thank you, Mr. Huckfeldt

Felix J.

My Aunt passed in 2019 and left her home as part of her assets. After receiving many letters and phone calls from potential interested parties to purchase the home, I returned a call to Jim Huckfeldt of First Team. From the moment Jim returned my call and we made contact, he and Mark were nothing but professional. They did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it and how they were going to do it.  Within two days of seeing the home, Jim presented a detailed packaged proposal with an offer to buy. The team was very responsive to all my questions about the process. Whenever there were bumps in the process Jim based on his experience and expertise’s was able to offer solutions that kept the process on track. In that I was not located in the same city as the property, it was very important to be able to work with someone who was trustworthy and had the knowledge and resource to get things done. Jim and Mark were provided that. I would recommend them and their resources to anyone selling a property. They are the epitome of great customer services and men who stand by their work. Thanks First Team.

James H.

My elderly Aunt passed away this year.  It fell to me to sell her home which was in poor condition. Even though I once had experience in real estate, I didn’t know where to start since this was not a typical situation.  I received many phone calls and postcards from investors to sell her home.  But a very thoughtful, professional letter got my attention and that letter was from Jim.  When the time came I called him and met with him at the house.  My first impression was his sincerity and again his professional manner.  He explained in detail the way he works.  He answered any questions I had without hesitation and put me at ease at a very difficult time.  I am a skeptical person but I instinctively trusted Jim.

There were many challenges with the house but Jim came back with a fair price.  In doing his due diligence another major issue came to light.  But Jim was able to bring me a buyer who would be able to deal with the issues and make the purchase.

I was always impressed by Jim’s follow up.  He returned phone calls or texts promptly.  If he didn’t have the answer to my question he made sure he found out and got back to me.  Jim was always courteous and considerate.  I am grateful I responded to his letter.  I recommend Jim to anyone looking to sell their home, most especially if it is in a depressed condition and you are uncertain how to proceed.  Jim will guide you and deal with you fairly and honestly.

Marcia P.

With little to no experience in the housing market, I found myself in the middle of a difficult and lengthy attempt to sell an aged estate property. One after another potential buyer expressed no interest and told me that the property had little appeal. I had just about reached a dead end in my efforts when Jim Huckfeldt came into the picture. Jim approached me with a classy notice detailing his experience in buying and selling all types of properties, including distressed ones. He proved to be an honest evaluator of the property, a persistent and knowledgeable investor and most importantly, a consummate professional. Jim took the lead in navigating the inspection and permitting process necessary for a sale and ultimately was able to find a buyer who saw value in the property. In the more than 30 years I spent in the business world negotiating contracts, the traits I valued most were competence, transparency and integrity. Jim Huckfeldt exhibited all of these and more.

Earl R. 

First Team (and especially James Huckfeldt) took a very difficult and stressful situation and treated me with kindness, patience, and fairness.  I am so thankful that First Team came into my life virtually eliminating one of the most complex pieces of the estate puzzle.

Laurie P.

This was a complicated transaction, that Jim made easy. It started with the appraisal. He took his time asked many questions and returned with a very fair offer. Explained in detail and showed me different options I had for the sale.

Unforeseen things came up, all on my end. Jim assisted in addressing these issues which took over 2 months. During this time we were in constant contact and always advised the correct course of action. At no time was I rushed or pressured, allowed as much time as necessary. I found Jim to be very honest and up front about every step. He was very precise and always took his time to explain everything. From the appraisal, to the offer, to the close everything stayed the same.  Thank you, Jim.

Tony C. 

I would highly recommend contacting Jim Huckfeldt when considering any sale of property. I am cautious and skeptical by nature but Jim quickly calmed my nerves exhibiting professionalism, sincerity and trustworthiness from the first time we spoke.  He was straightforward with all offers and contracts. Most importantly, Jim proved to be a man of his word displaying integrity and compassion unheard of in the realty world and he earned my respect.

Larry L.

“I have known Jim for almost ten years. He is a friend who is loyal and a professional who can be trusted. His knowledge and understanding of the real estate market and local economy will assist anyone looking to invest. Jim has a long history of going above and beyond to help anyone who needs it.”

Leonard S.

“I have known Jim for over 15 years. In my dealings with Jim, I have found him to be reliable, trustworthy and honest. Jim has been involved in other business ventures where he has been very successful due to his in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and a very high degree of professionalism. I would gladly utilize Jim in all of my real estate transactions. I am very fortunate to be able to consider Jim my friend.”

Mark K.

“I’ve been a friend of Jim Huckfeldt’s for over 20 years.  I’ve always been impressed with his intelligence, tenacity, and meticulousness.  When Jim decides he is going to do something, it gets done.  When Jim has a responsibility to fulfill, it is fulfilled.  When there is a problem to solve, Jim will figure out a way to solve it.  Also, Jim’s communication skills are excellent, especially in the professional realm.  Finally, Jim’s leadership ability has particularly impressed me — he is willing to take on a tough job, get buy-in from others, and bring about effective results and change.”

Watson Edward C.

“Jim makes a killer mojito. And if you are looking for a dependable, professional and credible partner for your real estate needs, Jim is absolutely your man. He is extremely hands on, with a commitment to service and quality second to none. You won’t be disappointed with First Team.”

Steve P.

“I have known Jim for many years. He is highly organized, detailed oriented and highly customer centric.  Jim is the type of individual who is working on the problem before most of us have even recognized it and will have it solved with consensus and buy-in. Jim’s integrity is unequivocal. My trust in him is absolute. Unless I’m following him on skis.”

Gary K.

“I have known Jim for 20 years. He is a man of high integrity and a master of customer service, demanding the highest level of quality in all his business endeavors.”

Dave B.

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